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From a family of small business owners, we understand the stress and pain of running a business. Customers not responding or following up as they should, employees not doing as they should, systems you have put in place not working, bad reviews, juggling family life with work life, having to work on your free time, and the list goes on.

30 years ago my father started a landscaping company that allowed him to become a snowbird before the age of 50. In the beginning, he had grown the company from his own back work with dedication, countless hours of hard work, and word of mouth for referrals. The company had gotten to a good size but it seemed to just plateau off and not grow at a certain point. I decided to get involved and help expand the business with technology which was a different language to my father, especially since he used old systems of writing out invoices and personal checks and marketing in the newspaper. He had no idea how to utilize social media, (he thought it was so stupid at first) or even create online invoices so customers could pay with a card.

Through adapting to technology, which in the beginning was very basic changes, we started to exponentially grow. Over time we learned how to utilize it to the fullest potential and I was able to grow it to the point that he was able to retire from selling the business before the age of 50 and become a snowbird spending his winters down in Stuart, Florida, and the Summers up in the beautiful Stonington, Connecticut. From a landscaping company! He was able to do this from a landscaping company, so I am not exaggerating when I say you can do this too with the power of technology. Most small businesses are valued heavily around the owner. Taking that leap and utilizing technology makes your company run without you and creates exponential value for outside buyers.

Although this has been a blast he still has that entrepreneur mindset and was not satisfied by fishing and pickleball all day. After I graduated from university we decided to start this company building off what we had found to be the most useful technology with our own business. We wanted small service-based businesses to grow to where they could too reach their goals in business through the help of technology. With my technological knowledge and his gray hairs of experience, figuratively, we can help businesses utilize technology and adapt their systems to give them endless leads, automation, marketing and so much more!

Lots of businesses that want to grow in the new age of technology do not know where to go, so they use big corporations to get marketing and implement systems. You end up getting cookie-cutter marketing and systems without support on how to improve. Most businesses that come to us from these companies have basic marketing and basic systems with no support on how to do better in their specific market. To them you are just a number and not a name, it may be a cheap option but the value you get from it is poor.

We understand the customers you are looking for, we understand what they want, and how you can close them. We do not have the same customers that they have out in California so why would the marketing be the same? Our systems are custom-made for your business and what you need to get the best results.

Remember that energy you had when starting your business. The excitement, the good kind of stress, the hope of never slowing down, and growing forever. The goal you can see so clearly in your mind where you will be in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. Not worrying if you will be swallowed up by next year.

We want you to hit that goal you sought out by starting your business. Whether it was selling your business at that price everyone thought you were crazy for thinking or growing it to the point it runs on autopilot and you can now vacation with your family without the stress of wondering if the company is failing without you.

Our Company Helps Small Business Grow in Three Aspects:

Maximize Your Conversions

Capture More Leads

Optimize Your Results

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Build Forms & Landing Pages To Capture Leads

Use our drag-and-drop form and funnel builders to create landing pages that convert traffic to leads that get stored in HighLevel.

Convert Leads With Robust Automations

Build custom nurture campaigns that send text messages, emails, voicemails, and even Facebook messages to convert leads automatically.

Converse With Leads & Customers In One Place

Keep track of conversations whether they happen via text message, email, phone calls, or Facebook messages. Two-way text included!

Build & Manage Your Online Reputation

Send review requests via SMS and email with the push of a button. Monitor and reply to new reviews right within the dashboard.

Complete Advanced Analytics Dashboard

The ability to track the ROI and Leads in a pipeline has become even easier through our advanced Dashboard. Track stats such as appointment rates, campaign effectiveness, and even response rates!

Christina Lewis CMO, Lewis Construction Group

"As a business owner, it is always important to know the numbers and statistics in your company. To know your best clients, programs, what is working or not working. Many of us spend years and thousands of dollars on software that we think will help, and spend too much money, time and effort to implement. And if we can’t understand it all, we have to invest/pay another person to understand and implement it all.

As a subscriber to multiple software platforms to keep our businesses at the forefront of the industry, I can truly share this software developed by High Level, makes my job as the CMO a simpler one. Meaning I can see new clients coming in the door from multiple resources, our company follow up, conversions, current client’s information, sales, and special offers in one place."

Privacy Policy | Terms

© 2023 wallstreetinnovations.com. All rights reserved.